Diane and "Lena"



Diane Olean Bannon is a Connecticut based artist specializing in cork.  Diane discovered her lifelong love of drawing at an early age.  After years of practice across a variety of mediums and a BA in Fine Art from Plymouth State College, she worked as a graphic artist for many years, continuing fine art pursuits in her own time.

For Diane, each cork she uses in her work exhibits its own work of art on the surface, many with a memory attached.  Although scarred and retired from their intended use, she felt there must be a higher purpose for these spent stoppers with a story to tell.

Diane's academic background in art inspired her first piece, a classic female nude named Emma. From this first endeavor, she found herself intrigued with the distinct personality that develops as each piece evolves.

Diane is currently a board member of the Granby Artists Association, exhibiting regularly and commissioning works for local venues.